Thursday, September 04, 2008

Oslo: A dumb city, in a dumb country, in a dumb region.

It's also nearly the most expensive city in the world to live in.
It's where they annually award the Nobel Peace Prize.
And the sun can set as early as 3pm during the winter there.

Oslo, you rock.


the sabra said...

Ha I was about to post the "Hinei Ba Hashalom" song that I love but realized it would just be plain wrong to put it after here-a post about Oslo.

the sabra said...

On this topic, here's an excerpt from Simon Jacobson's book, "60 Day Journey":


Moses' Elul journey actually begins seven generations earlier, with Abraham's journey.

In the Book of Genesis (12:1), G-d speaks to Abraham and says: "Go from your land, your birthplace, the home of your parents, to the land that I will show you."

This is very strange because when you tell someone to travel, you specify the destination in detail, but you don't describe over and over again the point of departure. After all, the person knows where he/she is leaving from.

But here G-d tells Abraham to leave his land, his birthplace, and the home of his parents—three descriptions of his present location—and then, when it comes to the destination, He only tells him to go "to a land," without naming it or even hinting at where it is.

Chassidic thought, which gives voice to the inner dimension of the Torah, explains that in truth this verse is really a commandment issued by G-d to each of us: "Go on a journey of self-discovery. Leave behind anything that might hold you back. And then I will show you the landscape of your Divine soul—the true you."

If you want to discover your higher self, this is the secret.

Many people get inspired and motivated to go on such a journey; they actually pack their bags—literally or metaphorically—and set out on their way. But after a while, they end up coming right back where they started, repeating the same old patterns.

Good intentions are pure and real. When you decide to leave, you really want to get someplace. But you have so many things weighing you down, so many "golden idols." So the key to meaningful change is not so much knowing how to get to a new place, it's knowing how to unload the past, so that it shouldn't shape your future and bring you back to your old patterns.

Ask yourself: In what areas of your life are you repeating old patterns? In what ways are they damaging to you?

* Exercise for the day:

- Identify and describe one damaging pattern that you want to break in the coming year.
- List one thing you must do in order to break that pattern.

The Miner said...

I've alwayes wanted to live in Scandinavia.Especially NORWAY!

the sabra said...

Well, I'm most definitely glad that you came here today and got convinced otherwise :)

The Miner said...

you left me a comment two years ago. don't ya remember?! :)

Der Shygetz said...


One pint of beer (or for all I know 330 mls) costs ten dollars in any pub in Oslo.

I guess they drink relatively cheap ekonomika over there which is why they're so pale.

ES said...

It is ruled by His Majesty King Harald V of Norway.

The tap water is among the cleanest in the world.

Norway is the Scandinavian country with the most amazing natural phenomena. (Says the Oslo Travel Guide. Also, is that saying much? How many Scandinavian countries are there anyways?)

Their major industry is fish farming.

Tipping is never required. For any service including Taxis, waiters, etc.

Norwegian does not have an equivelant to the word 'please'.

Hmmm....In my search to undumbify Oslo, its country and its region, I fear I have been regretfully unsuccessful. Also I have run out of time. More on this later.

the sabra said...

At least you made me laugh. And when I hop outta a cab, delighted that I don't have to tip, I'll be sure to think of you. (False alarm. Sabra don't take no cabs)

Goodbye Spain. See you another timeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Shygetz'l, I think my least favorite drink in the world is beer. (Hey you shared a random fact, so I shared a random fact. You ARE my role model, yknow)

Der Shygetz said...


The tap water is among the cleanest in the world.
So why do they export VOSS, a fancy packaged spring water that tastes no better than any cheap brand but costs who knows what?

My least favorite drink in the world is "Hercules Clobber", but I use it instead of water to make tehina as well as in soups because it really adds spice!

the sabra said...

Yes, you outrank me on the 'mishug scale'.

How'd you land up here now? I think I commented on your blog a while ago.

Der Shygetz said...


Yes, I think you commented on my blog and you probably got to it from The Hilltop. Gut Shabbos and don't let anyone give you Hercules Clobber, ekonomika or mayim kechulim for Kiddush!

Oh, and as for that fish farming in supposedly pristine and clean Norway - Norwegian farmed salmon are unsafe in large quantities due to mercury pollution. The vet told me not to feed farmed salmon to my pet bear - that is how dangerous it is!

mishmum said...

What about the Oslo accords? The handshake? I bet they have a famous place there on the lawn.... HEHEEEHEEEE

the sabra said...

har har har

Jack said...

And the sun can set as early as 3pm during the winter there.

Oy, I need my sunshine.

the sabra said...

Ye, you and all other life-seeking folk. See 'Scandinavian Winters & Suicide'. (If you can't find the article, write it.)

P.S. I feel SOO cool that you came to my blog.

Chaya Y. said...

yeah the famous HANDSHAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!
and also the water is good there drink plenty........

aliza. said...

hey chav i love that song too. it's been a while since i heard it, thanks for remindin me

the sabra said...

Aliza that took me FOREVER to figure out what song you were referring to! sheesh! ;)

Ye, my mum got me into it. I guess it's from the olden days...

-scampers away-

mum said...

Hey, no scampering away....

For some strange reason mum knows silly songs from the olden days. Hmmm... really strange how that can be...

the sabra said...

HEY! How'd you find us here? From recent comments on the side? O wait, you wrote something here once. Walla it was from so long ago..

I wanted to call you now--I was counting the minutes till I could... So thanks aliza for bringin us together :)

mum said...

im not really up now as of yet....:D

the sabra said...

How about now?