Friday, September 19, 2008

'Orange Day' for American Jewish Students

Rochester Adams High School, Michigan – Daniel Allen

“I go to a public secular school but decided to show my support and garner more support for a united Jerusalem, and against the division of Jewish lands and the expulsion of our people from our lands.

I tied orange, blue and white ribbons all over my backpack, and wrote the words, “Ask Me Why”* on it, and wore my orange shirt with a rag that read, “Jews Don’t Expel Jews.” I went to the school’s Advanced Placement Government teacher and explained to him and gave him information… He agreed that the cause was just and showed his support by posting the materials I had given him in his classroom.”

Orange Israeli pride on a backpack in Michigan (UJSC)

Throughout the day, Daniel’s fellow students asked him why he was wearing “so much orange today” and all were “genuinely surprised that such events are occurring.” Daniel responded by showing them the news articles on the Olmert Plan, talked about the “Land for Peace” doctrine and discussed the option of Jordan as a Palestinian State.

“Although I failed to turn the school into a sea of orange, I had convinced many people to support a united Jerusalem and agree that land concession will not bring peace… I managed to spread the message and bring the issue to my primarily Christian public school… I hope we have the impact we were planning to make.”

*Personally, I woulda written "Orange you gonna ask me why?"

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