Thursday, September 25, 2008

The 4 People Who Killed The Terrorists

  • David Shapira was a passer-by who, along with Yitzhak Dadon, shot the terrorist in the Merkaz HaRav massacre in Jerusalem on the night of March 6.

  • Moshe Plesser, the passer-by who shot the first bulldozer terrorist in Jerusalem on July 2, is David Shapira's brother-in-law.

  • Yakki Asa-el, the passer-by who shot the second bulldozer terrorist in Jerusalem on July 22, was Moshe Plesser's yeshiva high school teacher.

  • And today, we find out that Elad Amar, who shot the terrorist in the attack two nights ago, served in the Paratrooper unit commanded by David Shapira.


Rachel said...


I ate a sabra for the first time ever yesterday. (A sabra not a Sabra.) And then it reminded me of you.

... Of course you care.

the sabra said...

What connection do I have with sabras? Huh?

....I do. (care, that is. I do NOT intend to take you as my wedded wife. (nor an unwedded wife, truthfully))

es said...

So that kinda gave me chills. And then wonder if I would of had the courage to shoot. I wouldn't. Then I tried to think of a David Shapira or Yakki Asa-el I might have known who would. And why didn't it rub off on me?

rutimizrachi said...

Even though I do not understand the why of it, there is comfort and pleasure in the knowledge that there are no coincidences.

the sabra said...

Of course it's comforting--to know that every step you take and every purchase you make has been Directed by G-d.

Read this-

(sorry, too lazy to link properly)

And hello--first time we're conversing on my side of the blogosphere :)

es-ye can't estimate your adrenalin level NOW.