Thursday, September 18, 2008


A Taste Of Jerusalem At Sunset Plaza

......But this fall, Sunset Plaza will be hosting an altogether new vibe. It’s the hottest thing out there, with a presence in thousands of cities worldwide. It’s called Chabad.

No, it’s not a bistro or fashion have. It won’t put a hole in your wallet. You don’t even have to know anyone to be there. It’s a Jewish center for the unaffiliated, uninitiated, uninterested, and under-stimulated.

The groundbreaking couple spearheading this unique project is Rabbi Mendel Simons and his wife Rachey. Rabbi Simons was born in Sydney, Australia and received his Rabbinical degree right here in LA......


A Special Bar Mitzvah Gift

....Yochai Levi, 12, from Sderot, who suffers from cerebral palsy, was hurt when a Kassam rocket fell near his home. David Raden, aged 13, of Staten Island decided to give the $6,000 that he received in bar mitzvah gifts to Yochai to pay for some much-needed medical equipment....


....Governor Ted Kulongoski hosted Oregon’s Chabad representatives and their children at his home for a family style kosher barbeque Tuesday morning.The visit was decidedly informal, an opportunity for the Governor to spend time with Oregon’s 10 Chabad couples and their children serving the state’s Jewish community.....
(that fat kid with the yellow tee and bright blue pants? yea... :)


Rachel said...

That fat kid is the mushiest blob of yummy mush in the world.

the sabra said...

Hehe! I know! Oy I'm so happy to hear hehe :D