Monday, August 11, 2008

True, if you don't think, read, remember or sing, you don't cry.

Murdered Israelis, Knesset decisions, Majdanek, Reizi's Song, Moishe Golan, terminally ill Yiddishe kids, Amona, "Zeh Haya Beti", golus, Eli Cohen, the Rebbe's voice breaking with emotion, Shirim She'Elazar Ahav.

True, you can ignore them-they don't have to make you cry.

But if you don't cry, you won't change.

Think. Read. Remember. Sing. Cry. Change.


Korman said...

Thank you for your feedback on my poem, "A late-night study."

This piece of yours has brought tears to my eyes. The last two times I cried were within the past month or so. The first was reading news of the return of our brothers bodies from Lebanon, and the second was during a conversation with a close friend regarding the effects of distance and time apart on our close relationship. Now again I weep for our brothers Goldwasser and Regev.
So thank you for creating this opportunity for me.

Korman said...

please check out my other blog

the sabra said...

O wow, I'm rather humbled.

Let's hope the crying will lead to change..ya?

Korman said...

can you tell me who you are, I will do the same. I dont like not knowing with whom I am corresponding... and we seem to be on similar pages here.

the sabra said...
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the sabra said...

O and you can read my profile if you'd like to get a better picture of who I am. (Yeh, I think there are 1000 words in there).

ES said...

So firstly, yeah. Like everything you just said, yeah. And secondly, you have become quite a prolific blogger and I am having trouble keeping track of all your posts. And thirdly, thanks for coming back again. You always do make me think and read and remember and sing and cry and yes, even to change.