Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Are You Laughing?

Are You laughing, G-d?
Are You laughing at me?

I think so.
I hope not, but I think so.
I planned and planned and planned and now You must be laughing and laughing and laughing.
I hope not.
I think so, but I hope not.

Will You let me keep my plans?
They were good plans-these plans I made.
I want to keep them.

You must be laughing hard.
It was a lot of planning.
A lot.

Are You laughing, G-d?
Are You laughing at me?

I'm uncomfortable when I'm laughed at.
It's as if I don't know best.
But I did, I did know best.
My plans were good, they were the best.

But You're laughing.
I think You're laughing, G-d.

Can it be that my plans were not in fact the best?
And more, can it be that Your laughter is not a mocking one but one of genuine joy?
Are You gratified to be able to save me from my plans?
Is Your laughter a laugh of relief?
Relief that You can spare me from myself and now give me the best?

I think You're laughing out of love, G-d.
I think You're laughing for me.

Are You laughing, G-d?
Are You laughing for me?

I think so.
I hope so.


Anonymous said...

wow, so beautiful and inspiring.

the sabra said...

Thanks. Do I know you?

Fajita said...

i think so... I hope so..

tx chavale.

the sabra said...

Heh it sounds like you're answering my question to anonymous.

I'm glad so many people liked this piece.

the sabra said...

Well, 'pleased' is more like it. I'm pleased when others can relate and get affected by my own thoughts n conclusions.

Anonymous said...

nice piece

Holding bat over head said...

Do something with it already!!

the sabra said...

I can't hear you with my headphones in. Say, aint this a strange way for us to be spending time together?
Woah there goes your hat!

the sabra said...

and thanks anonymous. yes yes i know-you've been refreshin this page ever since you wrote that um exactly one year ago! walla