Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Warning: Gag 'OMG' Post

(hey i warned you)

I am SO and I repeat, SO excited!

:) :) :)

I can't believe it! He answered me! And so quickly!
O yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!


This could be the end to years of discomfort, queasiness, embarrassment, anxiety and general screw-upness.

Do you know what this means?!?
Uh, you should- I just said what.

Oh I hope it all gets resolved...keeping in mind that there very possibly may not even be an 'it'!

Oh! Oh! Oh!
Thank You!!

And thank you, too.




ES said...

So I still don't get it. But I'll write you a comment anyways. And maybe we can have some scintillating discussion on the fact that I don't get it. And the fact that I hate that yellow color on your blog. And that OMG should really be written OMYG to give the right effect.

Any thoughts?

the sabra said...

(Ooooh we're back to the old days! :p)

A, I'm open to explaining pretty much everything on my blog...this one, I dunno. But call me, I'll tell you. Maybe. ;)
B, Uh oh, how much do you hate it? Enough that I have to change it?
C, No way. Roshei Teivot, hon.

This is fun. Let's have more thought-provoking and scintillating discussions.