Monday, July 21, 2008

Mother vs mother

There was a time when I thought that 'mother' as a verb was a tougher position than 'mother' as a noun.

Now I believe it to be otherwise.

To wash, to cook, to clean, to launder, to supervise, to bathe, to mend, to call, to bake, to listen, to comfort, to rebuke, to scrub, to organize, to teach, to mop, to remedy, to soothe, to resolve--
it can be mastered.

The worry, the guilt, the pressure, the concern, the love, the expectations (both ways), the loneliness, the responsibility, the vision, the persistence, the patience, the determination, the confidence, the uncertainty, the perseverance, the resolve--
it can be overwhelming.

Striving to be a mother rather than just mother;


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the sabra said...

And now, after having cooked and cleaned, fed and laundered, soothed and entertained for years, I've sent my first to school, dealt with my somewhat rebellious teenager and now what's left? Marrying them off?