Monday, July 28, 2008

No more waking up at 4am.

And no more staying up till 4am either.
No more whining and no more yelling.
No more banging your forehead and no more slapping your arms.
No more "noises" and no more not being able to answer.
No more having to turn on the light or put on my glasses to see what you're saying.
No more seizures and no more accidents.
No more ripping photos and no more yanking off new clothing labels.
No more walking into the street and no more not budging off the floor.
No more spilling juice all over the floor and no more corn pops all over the house.
No more hitting and no more pinching.
No more bulky strollers and no more klutzy shoes.
No more hunched shoulders and no more back-brace.
No more Dora and no more Elmo.
No more recorder, computer and video all at once.
No more shadows and no more caregivers.
No more diapers and no more eye-ointment.
No more boredom and no more depression.
No more not being able to communicate and no more being overcome with frustration.
No more freaking out by airplane announcements and no more getting antsy in waiting rooms.
No more Chai Lifeline events and no more Friendship Circle programs.
No more drooling and no more changing socks.
No more messes and no more staining clothes.
No more needing babysitters and no more getting volunteers.
And finally, finally-no more waking up at 4am.

the days of moshiach