Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Frankfurt: The start of my touristing (--not the same connotation as 'touring').

-one of my most emotional yet detached shots

-in the Jewish museum

-ye it was closed (found out then that s
he grew up here)

-well, now 'here' is more accurate

(M, these are my memory shots...not my breathtaking ones.
Please don't give up on me just yet.)


Mottel said...

the Frankfurt one is nice . . .

Mottel said...

. . . I mean the first one, in the train station.

the sabra said...

Ye I know.
And ye, I know-thanx :)

the sabra said...

Hmm that looks pretty arrogant-sounding of me. Really I was just agreeing that the other ones sucked ;)

Anonymous said...


I was in Frankfurt in 1977; that train station has not changed one bit since then!

the sabra said...