Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yaakov Kirschen/Dry Bones writes:

First, the Olmert government launched and then mismanaged "the Second Lebanon War" to get our two soldiers back.

Today we saw how the Olmert government mismanaged the "Prisoner Exchange" negotiations

Next we'll see the Olmert government sitting down to give land to the terrorist-supporting Iranian-backed Syrian dictator.

* * *

I am angry.
I am angry at the Israeli Knesset which refuses to remove and replace our dangerous and incompetent Prime Minister.
I am angry at local Israeli TV which attracted a huge audience by doing its best to raise our hopes that at the last minute we might see our boys return alive.
I am angry that we call the convicted murderers we have released "prisoners", as if they were Prisoners Of War rather than convicts.
I am angry at the UN and the International Red Cross and at Amnesty International for being part of legitimizing the terrorist chieftains, IslamoNazi fiends, and local dictators who work these cruel horrors against us.
I am angry.

And everyone I've spoken to this morning is angry too.

P.S. And the sabra is angry at the Master Planner >:| (for not being more open with His love?)


-'We want to remember our son as he was, not as a body'
-Militant Samir Kuntar gets hero's welcome on his return to Lebanon

-Arab Leaders Celebrate Victory: 'Swap Teaches us to Kidnap More'

Just look at those headlines.
And this video.
Facebook suggests I change to .
But I still love the Land of Israel; I never held of the State of Israel.
Look, look at the state your State brought us to, today.


Fajita said...

bless you :*

the sabra said...


Fajita said...

for writing all my thoughts down on your bright yellow blog so neatly.

the sabra said...

oof but it's not my own--it's straight from dry bones. the bold, at least.

(you and es can fight over the color. nobody fights on my blog anymore.)

Mottel said...

Ditch the yellow . . . Hezbollah, yellow Moshiach Cadillacs, it doesn't have such great connotations in my mind (it also makes it hard to look at things for an extended period of time).

the sabra said...

Oh this is so exciting! Controversy on my blogoversy!

Actually, I'll keep the yellow for a bit. I need some cheer. Personally.

(thanx for stoppin by, btw. always a flatter when ppl stick around)