Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cognitive Emotive Dissonance

my heart feels you're with me, guiding my steps.
my mind is at times uncertain.

my mind is convinced of the truth and correctness of your ways.
my heart sometimes wishes it wasn't.

my heart believes you listen.
my mind needs to be able to see your definite response.

my heart loves you.
my mind feels like it never really knew you.

my mind is enamored with the enormity of your personality, accomplishments and life.
my heart often lacks the passion it wishes it possessed for the things you lived for.

my heart wishes my mind would always see things as you do. it doesn't.
my mind attempts to reconcile the conflict of interests in my heart. it can't.

my mind and heart both miss you. very much.

-Commented by Z.D.L here on Mimi's blog on July 11, 2008 and copied bli rishut by myself


the sabra said...

O rachel, is this what confused you? :D

Maybe I ought to stick in a picture of the Rebbe...about whom this was written...

the sabra said...

Yea, so sometimes I picture the Rebbe as my father and sometimes as my general. Big diff.