Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Another Bulldozer Attack in Jerusalem: 23 Wounded

Of the 23 injured, one is reported in moderate condition - apparently with an amputated leg - and the others have light injuries or are suffering from trauma. Among them are a woman and her nine-month-old baby son.

I guess I should rescind my ''all border officers are dumb" declaration because after Yaki Asael, a father of eight from Susia, first shot the terrorist driver, it was a Border Policeman that finished the job and killed him.

Less than three weeks ago, an Arab from eastern Jerusalem killed three people in a similar attack before he was himself killed by a heroic yeshiva student/soldier.


Yet, wondrously, miraculously, blessedly, thankfully, mercifully and inspiringly--more than 300 Jews just touched down in Israel, making it their final home. [see here and here]


And then there's this. Gilad's army buddies (from his unit) are ending their 3-year service with a march to the Defense Ministry, rallying that "the state must exert all efforts to free the kidnapped soldier". They claim they are willing to do anything--even enter Gaza--in order to get their comrade back.



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