Wednesday, July 09, 2008

וכתתו חרבותם לאתים

'Peace Now' to Bring Jews to Yesha

The radical left-wing Peace Now organization claims it has found that 73% of Israelis - including Arabs - have not visited Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria (Yesha) in the past five years.

To rectify this, and to promote the cause of separating Jews from their Biblical homeland areas of Judea, Binyamin, and Samaria, Peace Now plans to organize and subsidize trips to these areas in order to explain why Israel must abandon them.

The first such trip apparently took place on Friday. A bus load of "tourists" arrived at the entrance to Beit El, in Binyamin, north of Jerusalem, but was turned back and not allowed entry.

Despite this, many Jewish settlement organizations in Yesha have expressed enthusiasm at the idea, hoping to use it for their own ends. Some say that it will be a fine way for Israelis to get to know the "wonderful youth of Yesha," and others feel it might encourage people to want to move there. It has also been noted that if Israelis see how close Yesha truly is to central Israel, they will realize the importance of keeping it and not handing it over to Fatah or Hamas. (A7)


Rachel said...

They're such "cup half full" people up in Yesha. I like. :)

the sabra said...

hehe, right??

But actually here, I see no reason for 'half-empty'. It's totally good, it's totally cool, it's totally moshiach :)

b'ezrat hashem...