Friday, June 06, 2008

Here are some things I want to share:

1. Qatar is the country best known for not being known (Guinness Museum said it first).

2. I may have Alzheimer's but at least I don't have Alzheimer's. (Saw it on a tee at the beach)

3. Is There a Logical Proof that there's only One G-d?


I accept that some sort of "Higher Being" created the universe. But why couldn't there be many such beings? Is there any logical reason to say that there is only one god?


The definition of G-d is: "a Being without definition." G-d cannot be defined, because if I define Him then I limit Him. And something limited is not G-d. By defining something, I give it borders. If for example I define an apple as a sweet, round fruit that is green or red, then when I find a long purple fruit, I know that it can't be an apple. An apple is limited to being round and red or green. That is its definition. G-d can't be defined, because by defining Him you are saying that there's something He can't be; but this could not be true, because G-d is unlimited.

That's why there can be only one G-d. Because if you don't have a definition, then there is nothing outside of you. There can be no "other".

An example: two neighboring countries can only be called two countries when there is a border in between them. But if a country has no borders, if there is no defined place where it ends and another country begins, how can you say that there are two countries?

G-d has no borders, so how can there be more than one god? Where would one god end and one begin if there is no dividing line between them?

The act of creation is the act of making borders and drawing definitions: this is an apple and not a banana, this is land and this sea. Creation has definitions. The Creator doesn't have a definition. That's what makes Him G-d. And that's why there can only be one.


5. In life, we almost never wait for 100% guarantees. We trust that the dentist is a dentist, the taxi driver is a taxi driver, and so on --and put our lives in their hands --on flimsy tacit evidence. Yet, when it comes to a simple good deed, people demand 100% proof that this is really what G-d wants them to do! (Daily Dose)

6. I got an email from ComedySportz with the following first and middle/last lines.

In this issue, we'll tell you some things that could save your life*, so be sure to read the whole thing!
Not true at all. Do not attempt to use info herein to save lives and sue us later.


Rachel said...

"Qatar is the country best known for not being known (Guinness Museum said it first."
Not true. Last I heard, I'm pretty sure it was best know for business.
Now, Zaire and Tajkistan are another story.... But they're mostly not known at all, let alone known for not being know (confusing?).

the sabra said...

That's pretty much the reason I made sure to say that I got it from the Museum. Tis not my own words or idea. Take it up with them.

But thanks, that was fun to hear. I like gainin knowledge.

And no, not confusing :)

Shabbat shalom.

Rachel said...

Hey, I just realized I lied.... Dubai is a business center, not Qatar. And it's also, if I'm not making a mistake again, an artifical island. Cool, no? :)

Shavua tov.

the sabra said...

hehe comedysportz is SO funny :D