Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hachonsas Sefer Torah for R' Levitansky ob"m

All are cordially invited to a

סיום והכנסת ספר תורה

Sefer Torah Completion & Welcoming Ceremony

Dedicated in m
emory of

Rabbi Avrohom Halevi Levitansky o.b.m.

הרב אברהם ב"ר יצחק אייזיק הלוי ז"ל

Sunday, 12 Sivan -June 15 at 2:00 pm

at the home of The Levitanskys
(1119 Broadway (corner 12th) Simcha Monica)

Followed by procession At 2:30 pm

To Chabad in Simcha Monica 1428 17th St

For Hakofos, music & dancing

Men, women, and especially children are welcome!

(Due to the overwhelming response and to time constraints
there will be no filling of letters on the day of the Siyum.)

Rally and activities for children~Refreshments will be served

For more information please call 310-453-3011 or email:

I'd like to endow a part of the Torah