Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Third Arm In My Chest

It's been there since I was seven.

Is that why I'm obsessed with background?
Is that why I'm fascinated with harmony and a cappella?
Is that why I'm repelled by habit?
Is that why I'm unrelenting with accuracy?

I'm thinking that it is so.



Es said...

Really? You're obsessed with a capella? And here I thought I actually knew you.


Pennie said...
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Pennie said...

note to self: dont comment!

the sabra said...

note to pennie: you better keep on commenting! even if i gotta call u n wake u up (hey you were snoring obnxiously anyhow) to shutupitize you cuz im annoyed with the truth of what you are saying, never stop!

i love you man. (had to stick in the 'man' cuz it was too mushy otherwise)

as for you es, im obsessed with listenin out for the musical instruments that are not there. it's so earthshatteringeleah (LOLLL admit it!) that its just a buncha voices. one may mistakenly assume, walkin into a room, that there are instruments being played. when i listen to these people, i am obsessed with hearin what's in the background. it's like not the point of the song, but it's there to enhance the song, and nobody pays it the proper attention cuz dude you're not supposed to, like we said-its not the point of the song, but i love to focus on that.
thanks for ur patience with this comment, its hard to concentrate here so i may have repeated myself once or twice. i may have repeated myself once or twice.

the sabra said...

heehee i'm funny.

ChayAiz said...

i like acappella, too.

all hail collive radio at this time of year (it is, yes, really "mostly music")

sooo whats up with the third arm. a third eye, some would say?