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1944, apparently coined by Polish-born U.S. jurist Raphael Lemkin in his work "Axis Rule in Occupied Europe" [p.19], in reference to Nazi extermination of Jews, lit. "killing a tribe," from Gk. genos "race, kind" (see genus) + -cide, from L. -cidere "kill," comb. form of caedere "to cut, kill" (see concise). The proper formation would be *genticide.


Anonymous said...

the day of memorial and the 60th birthday have passed... and the sabra has remained silent.. ??

sabra said...

The siren echoes yet in my soul.

Anonymous said...


Oy, but there are others... mortal schmoes, amnesic and unmindful. What echoes in your soul is but a tiny noise to our untrained ears..

the sabra said...

The moment of silence has lasted but a moment for you?

I lift my eyes in wonder; I judge you not.

And know, what's in my soul is in yours. And yours. And his. And hers. And theirs. And theirs, too.

If it wouldn't be that way, it would be no soul.

mum said...

Oy, you are SO good. I wish too to be so.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, indeed.
So true are your words, so beautifully put.

Now, with the permission of the sabra, i'd like step step outside of the poetic box for a moment...

phewww... that feels better (i was developing quite a headache)

The reason i started this whole silly thing was not because the MOMENT of silence lasted but a moment for me, in fact it has lasted a week by now. What concerned me was the silence itself; the deafening silence in Chabad. None of the websites featured it (did Yom Hazikaron become unkosher because it is followed by Yom Haatzmaut, or was it never kosher?)
Anyhow, i figured where can i come for comfort, where do i know i'll find Yom Hazikaron?
At the sabra's of course...

the sabra said...

Of course.
And my answer was that the enormity of what occurred (and still occurs) could not be dealt with in just a moment. Just one moment of silence. It took me longer.
I'm still dealing.
I still need to process, to mourn, to feel, to act.
Can't limit it to a post. No, sir.
It's too huge.
My silence speaks for me.

Re chabad--i am not Chabad. yes i am a chabanik, yes i am a chabad chossid but i am not Chabad The Idealogy. In other words, not everything I write and don't write here necessarily reflects the views of Chabad. I TRY to. I really do. I try to live my life as Chabad helps me live. But I can't claim to be CHABAD. (er no one can)
Regarding Chabad's stance bout this day, I recall some sort of discussion on my blog. Perhaps in response to the 'fallen soldiers' post of mine. Or the one before. I'm not really sure, but I don't think there is anything against this particular day. Same as we have nothing against Mothers Day, per se. (heehee how much trouble u think im gonna get for that?)

Also, just for "fun"--the last post of mine, the genocide one (err the one i'm commenting on lol) is inspired by an article i read on some guy's blog (but im sure it's all over the web) that mentioned how an entire new word was created from the recent horror known as the Holocaust. That blew me away.
It's hard to write after that.

the sabra said...

Previous (Related) Posts of Mine

Yom HaZikaron-A Day To Remember

fallen soldiers??

Anonymous said...

So fitting how your post is (Un)titled :)

You are absolutely correct. And i totally missed your point about "but a moment". Sorry.

Many times and again we've found it difficult to find words that would do any justice to describe or remember our countless sacrifices. Yet somehow the words spoken in their honor, though only words, seem to give us some degree of comfort. Why? as if the words, if impressive enough could somehow balance out the deep pain, as if a video, if well edited, could console the loss of a son at the prime of his life... Strange, yet somehow we have come to accept this.

Through this blog you've spoken so many times when others were at loss for words. AND through these words, you also brought healing. Your mitzvah project two years ago was one for the ages.
I didn't realize that now you speak through silence. (meaning from now on i've got to listen harder?;)

As for confusing you for Chabad, you are correct. A Jew's respect for the Holy Land and its heroes comes from a Jew's soul, not his/her affiliation. It was just so much more encouraging to hear it from someone who happens to be from Chabad. As it is painful not see more recognition from all of Chabad. It may have sounded as if i was asking you to answer for others, but i was merely trying to point out that it's nice to be able to hear a voice that reflects your concerns, albeit not the official voice. (If there ever were such a thing)

Have a great Shabbos

the sabra said...

I understand.
Let's do this in order.

1. Do I know you?
2. Which post is un/titled? This one? Mah ha'keta?
3. Yeh, I also think it's strange that videos delete pain, that flowery words overwrite sadness... But can we assume that this is a gift from G-d? A tool, a pill, a channel.
4. I'm astonished that my words affected people so strongly. I appreciate you telling me.
5. Hmmm let me clarify what I meant about Chabad. I wasn't saying Jew vs Chabad (ha, crazy to even write it), I was saying that assuming "if the sabra doesn't write about it=chabad is against it" is just wrong. Don't give me that responsibility yo-I'm not a public service blog :)
6. Anything else?
Oh and yes--good shabbos to you too. May we celebrate it in Eretz Hakoidesh with Moshiach Tzidkeinu.

Pennie said...

makes sense - genocide so reflects our experiences not just in the holocaust but since the very first galus -mitzrayim.

according to the genocide convention in 1948 genocide means:

a. killing members of a group
b.causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group
c.deliberately inflicting on the gorup conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical desctruction in whole or in part
d. imposing measure intended to prevent births with the group
c.forcible transferring children of the group to another group

that's not to say that no other groups have experienced these horrors - just that we've got a history of them so if anyone is gunna label it - who better than us?!

p.s. good to be back here but rather frightening post to be welcomed by

the sabra said...

go see a therapist

Pennie said...

ya know i almost did a post on therapy and whether or for pple who are already crazy or if going there makes you crazy - still undecided but figured i'd save that one

Anonymous said...

1. no
2. this one
3. for sure. all gifts are from G-d. Hashem even gave us the gift of forgetfulness (as you prob. remember from Rashi on the story of Yosef's disappearance) which at first glance may seem to be an injustice to the departed, yet in truth we know this is vital for our existence.
4. i thought the readers comments on this blog spoke for themselves.
5. i'd never assume your views reflect anybody's but your own.
6. Thank you. Amen!

the sabra said...


(just summin up our little discush)

the sabra said...

and pennie lol. well really sip (smirked in public). hmmm is my dining room public?

ya it looks like im presentin you with fresh material for your book.

(my title is still the funniest :p)

the sabra said...

Hey I wonder if the anonymous from this post still hangs out here. Too bad no follow up comments subscribing for him/her..