Tuesday, April 22, 2008

an unfortunate haiku

yes i do know why
the wine bottle is hidden
under the table


Fajita said...

mm. damn straight hit the spot..

also or,

oh man if you knew
the wine bottle would not be
so proudly displayed.

and what's one to do in that situation?

mishmum said...

Oy, this makes me VERY sad. Rips at my heart.

the sabra said...

mine too :(

fajita, yours is sad as well.

what to do when nobody knows? is that what you're asking?
practically, keep shabbos.
theoretically, tell them i guess.

Tiggy's literate cousin said...


That is very nice
You brought a swell gift with you
But how come Vodka?

the sabra said...

uh not sad

'less tis ur brother gone off that ur talkin to.
(vs ur brother that was never on)

Tiggy said...

you dindt say "sad', you said "unfurtotnate" which my cousins one is to. and btw, literate tiggy: your giving our family a bad name!

Scraps said...

mah karah? :(

the sabra said...

yayin mevushal? heard of the concept?

usually, the people before whom it -wine that is not cooked- is an issue are not aware of the issue and its ramifications. usually, non-jews. no big deal, we deal with it, we make sure it's kept away from them. if it's a jew who is not shomer shabbos, same. this time though, it's sad. it's unfortunate. but we we deal with it, they'll never know.

what happens when someone who is not shomer shabbos and knows all about yayin nesach is present? what happens when they are completely and entirely aware of the fact that we cannot display our wine in front of them?

what do they think when they see us protecting our wine in bottles and bags?

this post.

mishmum said...

AND very different than if someone brings Vodka, for
If Vodka is brought
In major trouble you are
Owning Chometz oy.

the sabra said...

"Exactly" I say
And even more than just that
Exactly to be

mishmum said...

Silly silly you
I so wonder how it feels
To BE so silly

Itzhak Schier said...

There are many things from which vodka we distill
Some are not chometz but it makes me quite ill
To ingest hard alcohol with matzo, you see
And I know because my birthday is Pesach Sheini!
Six weeks of daily Zantac or was it Prilosec
After vodka and matzo at my birthday farbrengen turned my intestines into d**ck!
So while it is sad that we keep wine in a bag
Be thankful that drinking vodka on Pesach is not our minhag!

the sabra said...

Posts like this one make me feel that my writing/blog ought to be more famous.