Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Presents a program for chassidish girls from around the world
3 or 4 year free scholarship for girls entering grades 9,10 & 11 in the chassidishe environment of the Kfar Chabad high school campus.

The scholarship includes:

Room and board
Three persons per room, equipped with a private bathroom and air conditioning.

Nourishing meals
3 daily meals plus snacks

Devoted chassidishe faculty members

High standards of learning with qualified beis rivka staff

Chassishe activities
Including weekly mivtzaim and farbrengehs ,yomei depagra gatherings.

Diploma consists of two compulsory parts:
Fixed courses 75% in limudei kodesh (tanach , halacha , torah sh'beal peh, Jewish literature and chassidus…)
25% wide range of courses to chose from in secular studies (Accounting, computers, etc.)

Tours of the holy land

Full medical coverage including dental insurance

Monthly stipend for personal spending

Free one – way ticket for the first arrival

No need to commit to aliya or Israeli citizenship.
** students with Israeli citizenship who are living outside of Israel and have not registered with the Israeli ministry of education within the past five years are also eligible for this program.

Hurry to register, limited spaces available!
For more information, please contact;
Rabbi Shalom Barshishat – administrator
Tel; +972-3-960-3307 fax; + 972-3-960-3264 cell; + 972-52-860-8451
Email ; habadfr@netvision.net.ilThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Address ; naale chabad, PO.Box. 2042, kfar chabad 60840 , srael


mishmum said...

What about dose swim dresses?

the sabra said...

And the connection
Is entirely not strong
How are the scandals?

mishmum said...

Is too very strong
Neshei Newsletter for one
And also quite 'dish.

Are the scandals 'dish?
We can wake Moishie to ask
But now I go bed

the sabra said...

(had to read that twice)
now i have sore fingers from
counting syllables

Fajita said...

so how come du posted it hm?

the sabra said...

the ad?
cuz i wanted to spread the word about it cuz i think it's fabulously fabulous.

kidding. seriously though, it's cuz i am employed as their interior designer and i felt like bragging about my work.