Thursday, April 10, 2008

On belief & faith

I do not accept your assertion that you do not believe. For if you truly had no concept of a Supernal Being Who created the world with purpose, then what is all this outrage of yours against the injustice of life? The substance of the universe is not moral, nor are plants and animals. Why should it surprise you that whoever is bigger and more powerful swallows his fellow alive?

It is only due to an inner conviction in our hearts, shared by every human being, that there is a Judge, that there is right and there is wrong. And so, when we see a wrong, we demand an explanation: Why is this not the way it is supposed to be?

That itself is belief in G-d.


Our job is not to have faith. We have faith already, whether we want it or not. It comes in our blood from our ancestors who gave their lives for it.

Our job is to transport that higher vision that gave them their faith down into our minds, into our personalities, into our words, into our actions in daily life. To make it part of our selves and our world.


You write to me you are concerned that you don't believe. If you don't believe, then why does not believing concern you?


Dovid said...

Im all humility, I don't understand a word of this letter. I feel soooo frustrated!!!!

Fajita said...

ye.. I enjoyed these.

They're about believe in G-d. not a billion other thingys.

the sabra said...

f-uh obviously??

d-what didn't you understand? i do not know if they are all part of one letter, btw.

Anonymous said...

Im all humility, - nice.

Dovid said...

Woops, I meant in all humility.