Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I'm having a big test now not to eat the chicken.


mishmum said...

Oysh. So eat it.

Esther said...

You are sounding scarily like Pita with all the talk about chicken.... Desiree is funny she was like cursing out the dressmaker like omyg HOW could anyone POSSIBLY do such a bad job blah blah blah. Hysterical. See you tomorrow :).

Fajita said...

ooooooooh, how DID the dress come out?

the sabra said...

much better than when it went in, that's for sure ;)

thanks for keepin me calm n unstressed then. you teach me good non-stressment values. todah.

esther, whadaya mean 'all the talk about chicken'? did i mention it elsewhere besides this blog post??

and WHAT?! im gonna see you tomorrow?!?! omg i am SO excited! i did NOT know about this!


hi mishmum.

the sabra said...

That was not in Norway?? I so thought it was.

And Fajita, the non-stressment value I refer to here, still helps me.