Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dove Above

Friend is describing some of the t-shirts that are being sold in his new business, Dove Above.
I say it's shameful.
Friend says that's ok cuz it's about being controversial which will lead to big bucks.
I say that's not in alliance with what we just quoted from what R' Chaim Miller brings down in the new Gutnick-Haggadah-with-my-name-on-it-Ches-Vav-Hei, namely that we are to steer clear of gaining (financial) success at the expense of others, and weren't you listening? we "ahem"ed you at least twice.
Friend says it's about having a sense of humor.
Sister in law says that it can cause anti-semitism.
Friend wants to know by whom.
Brother answers "by anti-semites".

hmmm...shockingly, I have reconsidered about posting a photo...the matzah tee is starting to grow on me, painful as it is to admit...

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