Monday, March 17, 2008

You can't say ''It's nice to see you'' at a Chai Lifeline party. It's not nice to see people here. It's actually very sad.


Pimplesoflife said...

hey you!! long time no speak!... whats going on? didnt speak to you since chof beis.... nu? whats happening?
true statement about chai life line.!!! but hey ye u do say nice to see you .. at leased they came and they are happy to be there , and that there is something for them .. do u get it?

Anonymous said...

u cant get it

the sabra said...

yes pimples, i get it.
kinda like how hospitals are so uplifting cuz we're secure in the knowledge that people are being cured, healed, taken care of. and similar to how i go to cemeteries when im depressed, cuz the thought that so many people had a proper jewish burial just totally cheers me up.
yeh, i so completely get it.
thank gd for chai lifeline, man.

and 'sides for that, a big ol hello to you too. what's happening, you ask me? like you want me to start tellin u what i bought at target yesterday and how i lost my voice today and how my new glasses are gonna look? or shall we save that for email/telephone?

anonymous, exactly.
and baruch havaya for that.
(wish i knew what angle ur comin from...)

Pimplesoflife said...

lol you crack me up.. ye give me a call sometime we should def. start learning again... be in touch...