Friday, March 14, 2008

What The Torah Is:

People think the Torah is all about laws and customs and quaint stories, with a mystical side as well.
In truth, the Torah is entirely spiritual. But when you cannot perceive the spiritual, all you see are laws and quaint stories.

You cannot separate the mystical from the practical. Each thing has both a body and a soul, and they act as one. Neither can contradict the other, and in each the other can be found.


jim said...
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Anonymous said...

This is a major truth, and about a major problem, or is it a problem, that most don't know?

Is that problem part of the solution that the major truth is giving?

I never get enough, and there is always more, but the service is always there at the right time. Thank HaSHeM for the Torah! Love that Moshe! Where would I be without Them, I shouldn't even guess!

My heart is always lonely for more Jews, I never get enough.....and so it goes! Isn't it wonderful?

G-d, such warmth! Thanks!

pint-sized said...

It's the structure that keeps Judaism continuing, and the spirituality that makes it beautiful.