Monday, March 24, 2008

"Trust your fellow with all but your heart. It will be returned broken."

-Mion D. Sizhin


mishmum said...

"Trust your heart that it is not broken. T'was salved. To strengthen only."

-D. Bette Sizhin


Esther said...

You know what I think of this warped perspective of yours... But I thought I should just remind you of it. And remind you that, as always, I am RIGHT. Right?

Scraps said...

If you never trust your heart to another human being, it may not be broken by outside forces. But it may wither away to nothing inside the walls you've erected around it.

the sabra said...

Now THAT'S a neat idea, scraps! I actually really like it.

Like, your heart has to breathe. So if you don't take it out for walks (hehe), don't let it exercise, don't let it get nourished with both healthy as well as an occasional 'bad' food...well, it will rot. Or wither, like you say.
Hey, this is sweet. Thanks for a brand-new perspective!

And to the first two lovely commenters--I had wanted to post this quote for weeks already. It was not cuz of yesterday's events. Though esther, yes, it did take up a nice chunk of our convo...and yes, i do know what you think of my warped perspective ;)
And no, you are not always right. That's why we celebrated last night ;)