Tuesday, March 11, 2008

more merkaz news:

Yesterday, writes David Wilder, the so-called education minister, Yuli Tamir visited the yeshiva. When leaving she was verbally attacked by people there. Bravo. She deserved everything said to her, including 'murderer.' As 'education minister' Tamir has allowed 'nakba' (the Arab word for catastrophe, which they use to describe the 1948 War of Independence), to be taught in Israeli schools as a legitimate part of the curriculum. This is nothing less than incitement, inciting Arabs against Jews and the state of Israel. Such incitement can only lead to bloodshed. Jewish blood being shed.

Yuli Tamir, one of the founders of Shalom Achshav, (Peace Now), is the antithesis of everything Mercaz HaRav has ever stood for. Thank G-d she was chased away.

The yeshiva refused to allow Olmert to visit and pay his respects or condolences. This too is an act to be praised.

Olmert was one of the initiators of the expulsion from Gush Katif. He has publicly declared his willingness to expel tens and hundreds of thousands of Jews from their homes in Judea and Samaria, while abandoning our land to our enemies, allowing them to continue attacking our civilian population.

Despite continuing attacks on Israelis, Olmert stubbornly insists on continuing negotiations with the enemy, in an attempt to rid ourselves of our land. He plans on holding negotiations even during the week of the 'shiva' – the seven days of mourning for the yeshiva's murdered eight young students. He is ready to abandon Hebron and divide Jerusalem, leaving the holiest sites in the world in the hands of our enemy.

How could Mercaz HaRav allow such a defiled person to walk in its holy midst, who, while offering 'condolences' is preparing the ground for more Israelis to be killed?

This morning, when speaking on Israel radio, Rabbi Chaim Steiner, when asked why the Yeshiva was politicizing the death and mourning of its students, (referring to the decision to refuse Olmert's visit), he answered, 'this is not politics. We are people of Torah and 'yirat-shamayim' (G-d fearing.) In other words, there are issues which transcend such mundane subjects as politics. There is G-d. There is Torah. Those who study Torah, the word of G-d, those who fear and revere G-d, those who make ideas and ideals a way of life, have the ability to discern who and what surround them. Eretz Yisrael is transformed from earth to a spiritual value, far exceeding the obscure standards of life significant to the Levys, Tamirs, and Olmerts of this world. Refusing to shake hands with Olmert is not politics – it is Torah!!!


Now, let me make it clear that this does not mean that I agree with Wilder's every word. I am merely sharing his views.

Next. Students of the Yeshiva are privately putting together a book in memory of the eight murdered students. This book, which will be entitled ‘United’, will include words of wisdom from some of the most prominent rabbis in the world on the subject of Unity. It will also include a memorial dedicated to each of the holy victims.
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Anonymous said...

Came accross your blog via the amazing blog-continuum.. amazing ey

As an outsider of Israel but an insider of the human race, I think that both the governers of Mercaz Harav and members of the Israeli Government have it both right and wrong.

While it is correct that Israel should certainly not be giving any of its land to those who will abuse it by turning it into a territory of hatred, there is what must be recognised as a legitimate problem of Arabs who live homeless.

I also think it is correct for the Minister of Education to implement educating Israeli children about the fact that Pal-ppl believe that 1948 was a 'nakbar'. How else are Israeli children going to grow up considering questions which may lead to possible solutions?

Questions such as: "why do these people hate us? what do we represent to them?" "why do they feel this is their land, even though the Quran states oh so clearly that it belongs to the Jewish People, given to them by the same God which they believe in?"

See, understanding one's enemies does not necessarily mean agreeing with them, but it does provide the oportunity to really understand where they are coming from.. what has caused them to be this way... and then perhaps finding a way to reach out to them in that very far away place, which is surely a sqaulid place of human consciousness in which no human should desire residence.

And there are many other reasons for this political problem, besides for the easily assignable "they hate Israel because Israel is Jews"; furthermore, there is a very thin line between hate and love.

You are welcome to disagree with me but please find it within yourself to understand what I have said and to work out what I have not said, particularly regarding the thin line.


the sabra said...

Not quite sure what you want me to understand and work out. G-d Decided that He'd like to give His Holy Land to the Jews. And He did. Now, it's mine. No two ways about it. No negotiating.

I should concern myself with "homeless" Arabs?? What part of them being here is legitimate?

I have to concern myself with fulfilling the word of G-d. And G-d demands that we protect our land.

Hmmm let's teach these kids that we did a terrible thing by taking their land from them...what?? another suicide bomber?? bbbut its OUR land! true we took it from you in the most catastrophic of circumstances but please, do not take our lives because of that. oh? you are impoverished and neglected and need a home? hmmm let's give you another city. what??? more rockets?? but from where?? the city we gave em? hmmm let's give you more space. poor arab'ls. here, take this money. there you go, stop crying. why are u still crying? cuz u lost ur uncle? he killed himself in order to kill more of us? oy that's terrible. here, lemme give you some bamba. hold on while i go transfer some jews out of their homes so i can give you more place to mourn. o and where do you want us to deliver the body of your shahid? of course i know you still have our MIAs. Ron Arad, Zecharia Baumel, Gilad Shalit...o and before i forget, those rockets u fired...? lemme collect em and return em to you so u can re-use them somehow. yes, i know they are deadly-we've seen enough to consider ourselves experts.

how am i doing anonymous? am i doing a good job trying to understand?

Phssh said...

Woah, Da Sabra Is Good!