Thursday, March 13, 2008

I finally got around to going through pictures to compare and contrast similar shots to see which ones are fit for 'My Israel'. I see that I have two photos of the same memorial by some trempiada; one from close-up and one from farther back. Deciding that the close-up was more personal n special than the other, I kept it and deleted the other one. Glancing at my selection, I decided to reread what exactly was written on this memorial that I took a photo of.

Here was killed in a terrorist attack
Chayelet (female soldier) Chofit Ayash.
Hay Adar, 5756
February 25, 1996.
20 years old
May G-d Avenge her blood

"Behold the Guardian of Israel neither Sleeps nor Slumbers"

Right, I remembered that.
Then I looked back to check the date and I gasped out loud.
Today is the fifth of Adar.