Friday, March 21, 2008

Fast thoughtsssss

Pun intended, of course.
(Reminds me of "His first book. That he has written." LOLLL! That book is a MUST-READ!)

Ok, so I tell him "Tis a shame your daughter didn't dress up." I don't think he even felt the wind. (Thanks chan for that line)

Other fun/ny costume news--
*MD's hub calls out "MC" to me.
*The prince (post explanation coming eventually) gives me a LOOK.
*AM bounces in(literally) with a long beard, a hat, and brandishing a cane!
*Sam takes a picture of me with his camera phone. lollllll. That instantly reminded me of the guy in Greece. Must find that picture n post it.
Ah, here it is-
Man, that was one of those moments that are too funny and strange and though it's happening to you, you nearly don't believe it. Hehe. I was just sittin on the nice little Delfian ledge, trying to concentrate on my Chitas, lazily registering out of the corner of my eye that this fellow was industriously sweeping the unsweepable road....and then suddenly he sprints over, furiously rummages through his apron, and pulls out a disposable camera. Lemme repeat that: the guy who has no home, licks jam and olive oil off the insides of garbage cans (it's Greece we're talking about. hello, get with the p-r-o-g-r-a-m), and spends his days fraternizing with the Yevanim in his little village PULLS OUT A DISPOSABLE CAMERA! Ha! And he didn't stop there--he forced us to write down our addresses so he can send us the photos. Ahem, I'm still waiting.

So, one year Purim I heard one of the Megillah readings in my little beit knesset by Kever Yishai V'Rut. And it was my best n funniest reading ever. First of all, the Mechitzah kept falling. No, that's not the funny part. The funny part is that the men kept noticing and yelling at us to fix it while us women were either occupied with looking in our megillot or wiping away the tears of laughter. (Interesting how I switch back n forth between the Ashkenazic and Sephardic pronunciations. Lemme go eat some carrots. :D) So nu, why were we laughing so much? Well, the Baal Koreh was hysterical, presumably because of the liquid adeloyodas intake. (I think there are some Halachos that feel cued right about now). He read the megillah in a fashion of "B'chol dor v'dor, chayav odom liros es atzmo...". When he bellowed "מי בחצר !?!?" we all jumped (as did the flimsy cloth mechitzah being held by two listeners on each side). He changed his tone constantly. He would pause teasingly before each Haman and start singing a niggun while the crowd would "nu nu" him anxiously. Oy oy oy, twas so funny.

--Sweetbitter reasons educed--
"The thing to do is not to think, but do." [Mion D. Phens]

So it occurred to me today that it was pretty nifty of me to have celebrated a danish purim. The junk food conjunction (wow, awesome phrase right there) just goes so spledidly. So supremely. (That and premium ties.) Baruch Hashem.

So I read this-"The Jew, Esther was intimating to the King, may be very different, but it is this "otherness" that has the power to inspire all of the nations of the world to live and love deeper, to encounter their individual path to G-d.- and liked it. There's more where that came from in this Purim Essay entitled "Can Jews Ever Integrate?"

And while we're on the topic of Chassidus, take this: "One who has all the answers is less than a fool. A fool at least asks a question." Kinda the wrong holiday but ya...

Oh, and again, nothing to do with the holiday, but I've been wanting to share this sentiment for a while, so here goes. "Now that I've become budweiser, I can sincerely say L'chaim." Oysh it's so brilliant, I wish someone would ask me why.

Oh my, I haven't posted any pictures for quite some lines already, lemme go find something.

There we go, I was nearly forgettin that it's purim in dem velt...!
It's also nacht in dem velt. Tzeit tzoo gein shluffen. Bonne nuit. (that was for you, scraps)

Wow, I really included a lot of people in my post just now. If you're reading this, then you should be able to find some line or quote or joke that is shayach to you. Ahhh! I'm too considerate!! (DON'T tell that to driver picking me up from the airport. We mustn't overload him with my talents.)
And that brings me back to my original reference of the "husband of she who is the only one who can continuously look him in the eye and tell him he's not funny" who dedicated a paragraph to those he did not dedicate to.

Yalla, moshiach now.


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