Sunday, March 09, 2008

משחק ביתי

"Home Game" documents the story of graduating 12th graders, from the Israeli village of Netzer Hazani, during their last vacation before adulthood.

Their yearly summers of beach, ball and fun usually focused on the annual youth final four basketball competition. Yet their 2005 summer vacation turned into something else entirely because the Israeli government began to implement its plan to remove them from their homes in Gush Katif, Gaza, as part of the Middle East peace process.

Instead of just competing on the basketball court they were also forced to compete on their 'home' court as well.


Chaya said...

Amazing video. Very touching. When I watched it, it was b'emtza halayla (like Paroh in his PJ's). Roomie woke up and freaked out... I was sobbing. Beautifully done and heartbreaking.

the sabra said...

try to watch the whole thing. organize a viewing in princeton.

Chaya said...

"when I watched it" was last year from the DVD.

Princeton is a good idea. Thanks.

the sabra said...

They selling it in the Gush Katif museum here in Jerusalem.

I like how I say "here" even though I am not currently in Jerus.