Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bereaved Families to March on Terrorist's Jerusalem Home

Posters have gone up announcing a march that will take place today (Sunday) - beginning at 5 PM at the Armon HaNetziv promenade in Jerusalem - on the house of the terrorist that murdered eight yeshiva students .

Organizers say that bereaved families, from the most recent attack as well as the thousands of victims since the Oslo Accords, will be taking part in the march and invite the masses to march on the Arab neighborhood with the aim of “destroying the home of the murderer and expelling his family and supporters.”


Dovid said...


pint-sized said...

did u go? what's your opinion? hi by the way

the sabra said...

hey pint-sized! it's been a while!

So no, I didn't go. If I had been in Israel with no work/family obligations and no prohibitions by halachic figures, then I probably would've gone. (Like Amona.) But because I'm currently in the US of A, I did not join.

My opinion is that Moshiach should come.


(by the way, what brought u back here? like man, its been ages! in a good way, of course. it's very pulse-fluttering to get comments)

pint-sized said...

realy? I'm not sure that it's the best form of action( the march, not moshiach). As much as I am in favour of terrorism being annihilated, this is not not the most productive way, since it will only urge on a) more unnecessary terror, which addmittedly would probably happen any way, but b) anti-israel rants from chutz which seem to be multiplying by the second.

I was on kibutz for 5 months and the computers there barely worked so I didn't really use them, but I'm in Jerusalem now, so here I am:) Its nice to be back.

the sabra said...

Your two reasons are invalid, pint-sized. Like you say, terror and rants are gonna happen regardless.
Hmm I should change that to "terror and rants are gonna happen when we're friers and when we don't follow Torah".

Does the Torah commend such marches? Does it allow such marches?

I don't know.

Personally, do I think that a march and a protest and a razing of a house will stop terrorism?

the sabra said...

o and neato--which kibbutz were u at?

pint-sized said...

i don't think there's much point to it is all, it just stirs more trouble than it's worth.
I was on Sde Eliyahu.
And belated Purim Sameach! How was your chag?

the sabra said...

And here's a belated response-twas fine :)

thank gd.