Monday, March 24, 2008

A maiden
she flows
when she passes
A glimpse of white
of purity
of peace
She glows
On the Out
But in the In
She's dull
but worse-
she's blinded
by the shine
of her captors
Lust, Jealousy, Power
have given her life
while killing her soul
And she walks
in a free trap
head up high
ears don't hear
the plans of Them.
Until she stops
Pause, she must
to think, to look
She looks
and sees
finally sees.
And does odd.
Doesn't lock them in
or out
She honeys them
(aft a yell and stick)
and cocoons them into
her personal ____.

I'll hate
that's what I'll do
Just hate
everything I see
everything I know
everything around
I'll hate
without reason
equal hate to all
about all
hate the people
hate the system
hate the feelings
hate the facts
I'll burn (with anger)
I'll kill (the joy)
I'll rampage and riot
I'll hate em all to death.
That's my goal.
No thoughts of satisfaction
just my rage(?)-
I'll hate.


the sabra said...

"And she walks in a free trap"

I love it!

the sabra said...

Hehe same reaction this time 'round :D