Monday, February 18, 2008


In Beis Lechem there once lived a noble and respected Jew, whose name was Yishai. He had eight clever, talented sons, the youngest of whom was David. David was a very modest youth, and he looked after his father's flocks. In his heart burned an ardent love for G-d and of His people, which he expressed in the Psalms he composed and in playing on the lyre.

He also felt a deep love for his lambs and for every living creature. Whenever he brought out his flocks to pasture, he led the young lambs to graze among the fresh, tender young grasses, for they had not yet any teeth.

When the young lambs had nibbled the delicate tips, he next took there the oldest sheep and cows, whose teeth were old and weak, that they might eat the middle part of the stalks which were soft enough for them. Last of all he used to bring to the field the grown sheep and cattle, whose strong teeth could chew the lowest part of the grass nearest to the roots.

He had great physical courage and was not afraid of any wild animal. Indeed; he feared nothing and no one, except G-d alone. And whenever a lion or bear attacked his flocks and herds and wished to seize a sheep or a cow, David would rush at the savage beast and chase it away and rescue its prey.

G-d, therefore, said: "One who can so faithfully tend his animals, each according to its needs, I can safely entrust with the care of My holy lambs, My people."

And Dovid was appointed as king over Israel--Dovid Melech Yisroel.

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