Friday, February 22, 2008

standing in line to pay-squeezin pimples-coloring with markers-eating figs-showering in boilin hot water- spending an extended amount of time with a friend-taking out the garbage-canceled flights-living in israel-putting keys on a keychain-learning a maamar-exfoliating my face-writing a check-folding socks-donning a bathrobe-singing people to sleep-riding the subway-wearin fuzzy slippers-wearin boots-ridin the city bus-hanging laundry on the line-having a side part-wearing black pjs-straightening my hair-wearing oversized sweatshirts-listening to music with headphones- when there is a dim light in the room, coming from the lamp-wearing a hood-wearing leggings-wearing a turtleneck-saying 'i reckon'-using my debit card-walking up to shaar yaffo-when i went with tali loewenthal to his shiur


Esther said...

Nice little list you have compiled over here. So now I know that talking to me on the phone has been equated to squeezing your pimples and exfoliating your face :). Miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

the sabra said...

the order of what's written in these 'like' posts makes no diff. none are connected to each other.
and it is NOT a description of when i went with tali loewenthal to his shiur...!

and hi esther. miss you too. even though u've been compared to takin out the garbage and riding the subway ;)