Sunday, February 17, 2008

"People are human, that's what makes them...people."

Bad excuse.
Humans err. And humans forgive.
They ought to, at least.

But it can't be that you're gonna be type a, and I'm gonna be type b, again and again and again. and again. (not you c, but you in general).

And it can't be that someone says "I tried swallowing a bottle of pills and then someone knocked on the front door and I lost the will", and you respond with, "Who knocked?".

And it can't be that someone says "I tried committing suicide and not a single friend was there for me" and you answer, "Don't be so harsh on your friends."

And it can't be that I say that I needed friends and not one was there, and you say "Don't be so harsh on people. They're only human. That's what makes them people".

It can't be like that.

Oh, but it was.


Uh ya, hence the 'whatever'.
Hence the silence.
Hence the 'let's talk about something you care about and relate to and know and feel'.
Hence the quick self-lashing in my heart, the reprimand to remember not to do it again.
Hence the inability, yes inability, to explain what was wrong.
Hence the unwillingness to 'talk it out'.
Uh cuz we kinda did already.
Uh ya.


Feel good. For real and for always.

UPDATE: All better :)


the sabra said...

and again, it's not just you i was talkin to. in fact, it was barely you that i was talkin to. the convo was just sorta the catalyst.

i dunno.

whatever. ;)

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