Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dearest Ari,

You are impossible!! Oy how'd you find my blog?? You are too too much for me. (in a good way, don't worry) Ok, so let's settle a few things-
First of all, does your momma know that you stopped working cuz you couldn't concentrate...?
Second, I'm glad you think that you can trick me with your cute little Hebrew/English nicknames but yo, I know you wayyyyyyy better than that!
Thirdly, I understand that you don't feel comfortable coming for Shabbos anymore--would you like to come with someone, say Chez K., so you feel more comfortable?
Fourth of all, I hope you took notice of my recent 'nice' streak. ahem ahem AHEM! (no there's nothing wrong with my throat)

I guess that's it for now...


P.S. I'm rather stumped as to what you were doing in my ears, but I'm glad you're coming out of them now.

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the sabra said...

heehee boy was i mishug