Thursday, January 17, 2008

Yud Shevat Farbrengen

"Absoluteness breeds monsters"
(Speech to graduates at ceremony by some professor of some prestigious Uni)
(how utterly wrong. lets be crazy and absolute about moshiach. the rebbe said he is)

"'Frum' is not a black and white thing"
(What the Munkacher Rav was trying to impart when he ate the chicken that was not glatt kosher)
(my question is if YY kavanahed that pun)

"Every generation has its own password with which you can get in touch with G-dliness"
(Harav Yoisef Yitzchok Jacabson)
(SOMETHING like that...i may have erred on a word or two)

[A better idea, I think. I hope.]

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