Wednesday, January 16, 2008

ahem. ahem. (alternatively, 'oh. oh.' or 'woah. woah.')

1) Looking from the heavenly realm, all G-d's creatures look very good. He has great delight in all He has made.

But when one person makes a point of another's faults, that heavenly delight is transformed into a cloud of pain and anguish --over the very head of the one who spoke those words.

2) The Baal Shem Tov taught that in the heavenly court there is no one who can judge you for what you have done in your life on earth. So this is what they do:

They show you someone's life -all the achievements and all the failures, all the right decisions and all the wrongdoings -and then they ask you, "So what should we do with this somebody?"

And you give your verdict. Which they accept. And then they tell you that this somebody was you. Being now in heaven, you don't recall a thing.

Of course, those who tend to judge others favorably have a decided advantage.

Better get in the habit now.

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Dee said...

! Love it. I'm starting today...