Friday, January 04, 2008

On Pilagshot, On Fluff and On Lotsa Other Stuff (not TTTO: I love him)

--coming soon, chan. soon meint when im not tired. hmm. that could take a jubilee or three. soon meint not now. walla. yoter tov.--

On blogs full of fluff
(hey we didn't say 'bluff')
On brothers so vain
(how you got that's insane!)
On families not dated
(uh is this getting rated?)
I love him

On songs o so silly
(the starbucks boy?? really!)
On meebos now gone-d
(twas the start of our bond)
On birthright intrusion
(i sense some extrusion)
I love him

On boxes they think in
(others, just as stinkin)
On fights with our soul
(diff plane, same toll)
On roles in his life
(nor pilegesh nor wife)
I love him

On my setting now changed
(yes, but still deranged)
On our friendship cemented
(it started off demented ;))
On your list of G-chat
(delete that, that and that!)
I love him

And really, I love you.

dormire pacifico e dulce du lecce


mishmum said...

OYOY mayn hartz! Why? Why?

the sabra said...

DON'T assume!
it does NOT mean i love him.
(and "him" is not HIM anyhow)
and i KNEW i should stop tellin u all my secrets! sheesh!

Fajita said...

him is too, f'sure him. and of course it means you love him. him, yes him.
of course you shouldnt tell secrets. I believe that disqualifies them from being called as such.
also, hope fluff is the white sticky yumm kind. yummmmmm, i want fluff now. NOwwwwwwW. tx for the inspiration yo

the sabra said...

i don't know you, fajita. it's official.

Cookie said...



the sabra said...

what wow?

Fajita said...


it's official:')
i love him

the sabra said...

noooooo!!! love ME! cmon, that was what MY ending was!

the sabra said...

'member this, fajita?
good times, good times.