Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm sorry son, I just can't be mad

The dynamics have changed and you cannot expect hate. It is not fair.
p.s. say you would read this, things would be waaaaaay


Fajita said...

this in response to I Pressed Send, which rudely enough, has no spot for my comments.

So here they are:
I always do that:') and I love it, and it usually backfires sometimes usually, and it makes life interesting.

(and ignore my comments if they make no sense in context of your thoughts while posting. :'))

also, hi

therapydoc said...

I'm so confused.

the sabra said...

indifference, not hate, is the opposite of love, nachon?
does that make it any clearer? if not, keep askin :)

fajita lita (that's like the words "and the rebbe shlita lita" in the "first there was reb yisroel" song. know what im talkin about?)--
ye i think i know what ur talkin about. 'cept, twas a good healthy responsible pressage of the send. hence, the linkment to the 'happiest people' post on the right [re-relevant posts]. also, im FLABBERGASTED u were not able to post a comment there. maybe try signing in with a diff name. heehee.
also, hi.
ur on my awesome machshefa list now.

[if i didn't know what u were talkin about, then um just THEN.]

the sabra said...

o and a note to the particular public: i CAN be mad now. and even better--i'm not :)