Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I’m Just Not In the Mood

There are days when we are emotionally in touch with our inner human depth and our inner G-dliness. At such times we are inspired to live deeply, to love deeply, and to fulfill the mission for which we are alive. But then come the days when we feel estranged from our souls. We are emotionally numb, experiencing ourselves merely as self-centered and materialistic creatures seeking to satiate nothing more than our momentary cravings. We are not in the mood for G-d or the deeper truths of existence. We are too busy or stressed to even contemplate the inner meaning of what it means to be alive.

-you know where to click to find out what R. Yossi Jacobson writes is the solution to this common ba'ayah--

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the sabra said...

help sponsor a book. heehee, sounds rather random. ah know ah know.