Thursday, January 03, 2008

First of all, my Rebbe chops wood for people who need it.

It was Yom Kippur eve. Everyone was in Shul. Even the children were there. This was no ordinary Shul. It was the Alter Rebbe’s Shul and it was packed with an overflowing crowd. The Rebbe was leading the service and the crowd was waiting with baited breath to hear his usual beautiful and deep rendition of the prayers when suddenly the Rebbe mysteriously removed his Talis and ran out of the Shul. A hush ran through the crowd. Some of his congregants followed him.

“Where was he going on this auspicious night?” they wondered. Maybe to look up a mystical text or perhaps to meditate in the forest? But no! They watched him walk right up to the home of a young mother. The cry of her baby was heard. Everyone had run off to Shul leaving this poor mother who had just given birth, behind. The Rebbe entered her home, chopped some wood, lit a fire and boiled her a bowl of soup. He then soothed her baby and off he went into the night, returning to Shul to the waiting congregation.

Obviously, the Alter Rebbe would not have left behind a waiting congregation just to be a good Rabbi or to perform his last mitzvah of the year. He could have sent someone else. It was obviously much more than that. That Erev Yom Kippur, the Alter Rebbe, founder of Chabad Lubavitch was trailblazing the way for his followers, showing them the way.

He was really saying: Davening and spirituality is very important and an absolute foundation of Chassidic practice but there is something far greater: Helping a fellow Jew with his or her Goshmiyus - material needs, comes even before Kol Nidre! *

Davar sheini, Chinaman was put to shame tonight. In an entirely self-indulgent way. [Thanks Hashem for that little paradisaical slice.]

Thirdly, Chassidus is to bring life and illumination into everything, to shed light even on the undesirable - to become aware of one's own evil exactly as it is, in order to correct it.**

Reminds of what Jacobson was saying tonight...challenges are not the challenge. It's the unawareness/denial of it that is the challenge.

Feer (not), there are bi-weekly shiurim (via conference call) held in the merit of a refuah sheleima for all who need it, especially Chana bas Rasha Zelda. I'm gonna post the info on the sidebar, bli neder. May we not need it. Never.

Hey (the letter, not the greeting)-wow! memories are crashin down on me. 'cept not so memoric cuz was just reliving. i require forgiveness from you, the second resume sender, you know.

O! N P.S.-I was at the Alter Rebbe's kever in Haditch.
Let the jealousy continue!

* copied n pasted`
** copied n pasted
` all seven ahavas yisroel stories mentioned in the original basi l'gani maamar


the sabra said...

just saw this on chaya's blog:

In Need Of A Refuah

* Chaya Leah Esther bas Zahava
* Dina Rochel Bas Yehudit
* Menachem Mendel ben Sara Esther
* Mordechai Gershon ben Malya Rochel
* Moshe Yehuda ben Sheva Rochel
* Orah bas Bella
* Shaindel Gittel bas Ayda Adina
* Zeesah Miriam bas Yehudis

i'll add
*ruchama aliza sarah chanah bas esther liba
*binyamin zeev ben tzivia hinda
*reizel bas shaindel
*shaul refoel ben shoshana
*brocha rivka bas esther yehudis
*elana leah bas shaindel rochel
*chaya mushka bas mattel
*mushka leah bas chana leiba

Fajita said...

denial rox, firstly..

post ur other post now, cuz cuz.

mishmum said...

How appropo, the mitzvah now is about Yom kippur. Oh, duh, maybe that is why this story was chosen..

E said...

I was there too. In Haditch. Just thought I would mention that so thatwhoever is jealous of you will now be jealous of me too.... Why does that feel so good?

the sabra said...