Thursday, December 13, 2007

[some of] The Chanukahs That Were

(ed: unedited)
....workin in marzipan for 2 hours........goin to golanis house for menorah, playin darbukah around the menorah and singin songs in hebrew and in english lol......goin to bet hachayal to visit carmel the druze.....buyin donuts for random ppl...impromptu chanukah lightings in uzi's falafel shop, itzik's bakery, corner store, shuk and outside my building w/ dov shurin and his friendly guitar....meeting (m) mivtzayit and goin to a coffee shop w/ them!......seein em again in chevron last night omg omg how weird...seeing the kid from the 'sababa group' that we were talkin to on the way back from purim chevron last year....lightin menorah in my chabad house...chillin w/ avigayil the whole time, buyin her ice cream n stuff...givin out jelly donuts to soldiers as well as random pedestrians...letting everyone use my cool chanukah glasses, like when u look at menorah u see stars instead of lights-i just offered random ppl in streets to use it cuz i wanted everyone to enjoy it...also gave one to apharsimon and twas so cute to see everyone all into it hehe...o and i met i know the whole fam.... lighting the menorah myself for the very first time! i promise u i almost started crying (you'd think i just escaped from russia or somethin and it was my first time doin mitzvot) ...and omg i told the egged bus driver chag sameach and he gave me a chocolate coin!! could u believe it!? oysh this place is so great i love them.


o and the nun gimmel hai pay dreidels...and comin home to my room and seein a menorah opposite the mezuzah like our minhag is...and hearing that people are goin to modiin and chashmonaim for shabbat! (macabees..) and...and...and....

~ ~ ~

Two Chanukah Lessons (from the rebbe, written by tzvi freeman)

On the first night of Chanukah all eight candle holders stand before you.
But you light only one.
Tomorrow night you shall light two.
You know that eventually you will light all eight.
From which we learn two things:
1. Move step by step in life. Take things on at a pace you can handle.
2. Always grow. Always keep moving. If you did one good thing yesterday, do two today.
Your ultimate achievement is always one step ahead.

~ ~ ~
and then "I heard Chaya gasp" cuz of this. Which reinforced my belief in this and made this really personal. I started to recognized this. And then I was told this.

~ ~ ~

6 weeks after the holiday, I experienced
my very own chanukah miracle (a true story, anonymookie)


Chaya said...

remembering chevron
u inspired me
after that i carried chocolate coins with me and gave them out to cab drivers, bbus drivers, college students, and random ppl
thanks for good times i will never forget

the sabra said...

why u thanking me? we were in it together. hey twas YOU that married ronen, not me! ;)

but ya good times, good times. i gotta tell you about the beit chayal visit. man. hehe.

Chaya said...

Scuuuuuuse me? Who's talkin marriage here? I did no such thing

so nu... tell me... u know how to contact me