Thursday, December 20, 2007

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~ Today's Dry Bones

~ "I overhear three middle-aged men, with strong north African accents and kippot still creased from being folded and placed in pockets or glove compartments.

"Hayita etzel Nun? [Were you at Nun yet?]"
"Ma pitom Nun? [Say what? Nun?]"
"Ken, shtei dakot mikan! [Yeah, two minutes from here]"
"Bo, Yallah! [Let's get a move on!]"
[Calls across the square to his friend:] "Bo, Avi! L'Nun! [Come, Avi!–To Nun!]" "

(more about the Visit to the Kevarim of Yehoshua, Nun and Calev)

~ A year has passed since the Second Lebanon War in the summer of 2006, but First Lieutenant M. has not forgotten about the activities of Migdal Ohr Yeshiva which had been discreetly accomplished.

'I remember the two weeks of near face-to-face combat, the confused orders and insufficient combat gear, the intense hunger, physical and emotional exhaustion and toughest of all, the self-imposed silence and disassociation with our surroundings. "Now is not the right time to complain, but when it is over," we thought to ourselves, "when the air raid sirens stop and we are out of these fatigues, we can talk and the truth will be known."

'When the news came that we were receiving a day off, our hearts soared. We suffered so much stress and hardship. Where would we go? How should we take full advantage of this gift?

'Rumors begin to circulate that we were going to some school in Migdal Ha'Emek. "This must be a joke! Who ordered ten buses to bring us to some yeshiva with some Rabbi who is just going to try and brainwash us?"

(rest of the 'story' here. nearly judge jill sent it to me. agav, check out ascent.)

~ tautologically

~ Today's Chumash: 1) The hayom yom dealt with "On" 2) Acharit Hayamim 3) Gur Aryeh 4) שכם

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