Sunday, December 16, 2007

Laughing With The Times #3

Guess it's too late to make any more "Muzzle Tov" jokes re the Avos and their cattle.


Fajita said...

totally too late. just cuz i stopped blojerringing, i totally also forgot that other ppl didnt. stop, that is.

come say hi again! cuz i said so! k, good.

the sabra said...

hi in the heights or hi on the blojj? (you spelled it incorrectly, btw)

well, hi here first of all.

its so funny to get comments. i forgot what it's like hehe. too many comments means i gotta go cryptic though. shucks. just when i was beginning to open up.

the sabra said...

Shucks, I forgot to do it this year.

the sabra said...

and i found this right on time for THIS year ;)