Wednesday, December 26, 2007

(first possuk of shemos)
"Baim"=coming. now. shoulda said "bau"=came. in parshas vayigash it made sense, it was then. well every day we are in golus its a chiddush. we don't belong here. we just got here for the day. yes we are put in here, yaakov (and now "v'es yakov"), but we have the koach as "bnei yisroel". we winning over. and also 'li rosh'. we are a head to hashem. the whole first sefer, beraishis, was maaseh avos. twas the nesinas koach necessary for us going into mitzrayim (out of which we will rise even higher---every sin, every darkness, is sourced in light. orta, says the gemara. "or" and then taf, four hundred men with eisav, 400 batei dinin, all from the four hundred silver coins that a"a gave efroin for the maarah). the "oiver l'socher" allows for profit. the real i doesnt belong in golus. its not where im supposed to be. its not my natural environment. the fact that im here now today is not related to the fact that i was here yesterday. when i woke up this morn, it was with my neshama that is tehorah. its the same attached as always. it has not been changed by the mitzrayim (neither of the kedusha--meitzarim, nor of the kelipah--this golus). (something with a shinuy changes ownership--not my soul though. sullied perhaps at times but not changed.) so dont get down that yesterday was not good. today we start anew. hashem put u in golus again today. u weren't born in this prison. you just got here. golus can't entrench you. even if you think it can. its not able to get to you. bnei yisroel are COMING into mitzrayim seventy years later. its new. its different. its strange. its off. its not the norm. they remember that a, this is not their place and b, they can and must get out. and they know how. the a"r says that its not enough "b'chol dor v'dor", its gotta be "b'chol yom v'yom". our rebbe says, whadaya mean 'get out of mitzrayim?' whadaya mean 'break free'? no! we were never IN it. we just came this morn. its not our place, remember? that's why this possuk/inyan is shayach to us even now right before the geula. cuz golus is as natural and real and regular now as it was 1836 years ago. in other words, IT'S NOT!
(and maybe ill continue)

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