Thursday, December 20, 2007

ריבון העולמים, אתה צויתנו, להקריב קרבן התמיד במועדו

The Last 130 Pages Of 'The Fountainhead'


An Email
A Longer Email
A Sharp Retort
A Witty Line
Comics When It's Dark Out
Going To Sleep Early
My Delek Shirt (Around The House)
My Personal Time
My Personal Space
My Arrogance
My Fear of Arrogance
The Books By Saki & O. Henry


the sabra said...

ps. the 'fear of arrogance' article ["Sly Arrogance"] is mad brilliant and woah important and I hope that wasn't chutzpadik*, cuz it is all basically taken straight from the Mitteler Rebbe. I ought to post it on its own.

*kiilu MY approval means anything

Esss said...

The end of the book was pretty redundant anyways. If I remember correctly. I know, I know, that is missing the point. It was a noble sacrifice :).

the sabra said...

I want my Delek shirt.
I have it.
Actually, now is the only time I really have it.
Walla, new blog post needed.
Walla, more sleep needed.
Blog post waits.

the sabra said...

..and with patience, too!