Monday, November 26, 2007

You were slumped on the bathroom counter. You were moaning. pleading. groaning. persuading.

O how I wish I could be convinced.
Convinced it is really you.
O how I wish it could be true.
I really really do.

I do.


Es said...

I don't get it. But I still wanna say hi. Just cuz its been a long time since I said hi to you. Like three minutes to be exact. And cuz I want you to look popular. Like as if lots of people like to comment on your blog. WHich they do. I am totally rambling. Thats cuz I am trying to waste time so that I don't study for my midterm cuz then if I fail I'll just be like- oh of course, thats cuz I was writing on Chava's blog instead of studying. That actually made sense in my head. Good night my looooove....

Cookie said...

i don't get it either.
But i also wanna say hi.
just cuz its been a long time since i saw you.
like 2 years to be exact.
(dressed up for purim in chevron, in think...)

either way, this is not the point.
i just wanna wish you a grand ol' day.

the sabra said...

heehee my two ol faithful readers :) for some reason nobody really reads or comments anymore so its fun to hear from you two. (err it would be fun regardless--even if i WAS swamped with responses. belieeeeeeeeve me!)

so ya, shalom to you guys as well. and yes its been a while since ive seen either of you. and re the poem, ye i guess its just another one of those things that we term HTBT. ("there" often refers to my head) hint, the last line has double meaning.

tata for now. hava gut yom tov. be a lamplighterrrrrrrrr.