Monday, October 29, 2007


it clutters closets and fills up files
it alters judgment
it plays with minds
it tears my eyes
it punches my stomach
it squeezes my heart
it rips me apart

the heck with sentiment


yea right


David_on_the_Lake said...

You cannot escape is ur heart..and it keeps u alive..

Esther said...

Without sentiment you would be cold and heartless. If your eyes never tear, they will never smile either. If your heart is never broken, it will never be truly whole. If your judgement is not subjective and altered by your sentiments, it will be distant and dispassionate.

rishi said...

you're healthy - phew

the sabra said...

keeps me alive? not really. but yes, i cannot escape it. i dont really WANT to anyhow. if i wanted to, i would run away, close up, shut out. but notice the 'yea right'.

sometimes i envy the world of 'the giver'. and yes u are right.

did u think otherwise??

the sabra said...

the nekudah is in the order it was written

w said...

but in the world of the giver you would be empty not diff from anyone else (just a number)

w said...

*no diff from anyone else