Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cam: Mom, Mom, I'm in jail.
Mom: You're what?
Cam: I'm in jail, Mom.
Mom: Oh my G-d, what for?
Cam: Mom, I was arrested for participating in a pro-choice rally.
Mom: Oh, honey that's wonderful. Mazeltov! Jerry, Camryn got arrested for civil disobedience.
Dad: That's great honey, Go Go Go! Fight fight fight.
Mom: Stop it, Jerry. It's long distance prime time, for G-d's sake.
Cam: (screaming) Mom? Get me out of jail!
Mom: No, honey, you stay in there and make your point.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
(another piece. this one is on page 260 of WAKE UP, I'M FAT!)

"Oh, Camryn, I've never had anything so beautiful. It's a designer dress by Dianna Buchanan."
"That's great, Mom. I've never heard of Dianna Buchanan, I've heard of Dana Buchman."
"Yeah, that's what I said, Dana Buchman"

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